Integration Solution

For the automation of various business lines, companies often use software and hardware from multiple vendors (so-called “systems zoo”). In this case they face issues related to operation of heterogeneous applications, hardware and databases.

To link data from different modules they normally create interfaces for data and events exchange between all systems modules. Implementation of each new module creates a new surge of interfaces development. Frequently there is partial data redundancy in different modules, while business processes are generally related to multiple areas of automated systems, technological integration of information systems and applications, transfer to SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) and portal solutions.
Infosol has extensive experience in technological integration of information systems and business processes unification and offers services in these areas.
Types of solutions:
Application integration (EAI) – multiple information systems provide a solution for common tasks using data transformation and communication interfaces.
Business process management systems (BPM) – solutions for management of company business processes: description, classification, automation and monitoring based on BPEL.
Transfer to SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) – transformation of single IT-infrastructure into multiple standardized service components that are used repeatedly in order to assemble required solutions.
Portal solutions – employees, partners and customers are provided with access to required information and services according to their permits. Designed for:
Large and medium companies in any industry with heterogeneous IT equipment, systems, and software.
Value for customer:
Maintenance cost of heterogeneous information systems is reduced by up to 20%.
Time required for processing and generation of managerial information is reduced by up to 30%.
Why companies choose Infosol?
Many years of integration experience and a wide range of services provided by SITRONICS ensure for the customer the maximum return from cooperation with minimum time and optimal resources.
Up-to-date solutions from the world’s leading developers.
Additional hardware and software can be delivered in the context of a single integration approach.