ERP Implementation

Implementation of modern information and management technologies guarantees a successful improvement in competitive ability. The offered solutions are in demand by the companies seeking to enhance monitoring systems and upgrade their manufacturing resources.

According to business analysts, there are five main reasons why companies decide to implement ERP systems: necessity to receive consistent information from all departments and to track orders throughout their full life cycle; standardization and acceleration of the manufacturing process; reduction of stocks; and standardization of information about personnel.

To improve transparency of their business, companies need to have up-to-date information about all operation and financial indicators, assets and resources of all departments and divisions. Actuality is very important: information for the previous quarter or month will not help in making justified decisions. Hence the requirements for a powerful system that can quickly process large volumes of information.

ERP is an information system for company management, designed for the efficient planning and management of all company resources, as well as for the automation of all or individual key business processes. This solution enables proactive resources management for the quick adaptation of business processes to changing market conditions and allows precise evaluations of company’s current state of affairs, which helps to increase the company’s attractiveness for investors.

Solution benefits:

Complete solutions for the automation of key business processes that can be used as a complex, or for the automation of individual business processes. Does not require significant reorganization of the existing IT-infrastructure, can be integrated with other IT-systems and the technological platform. Affordable solutions, without large investments into IT – fast ROI, low TOC, scalability according to increasing requirements.
Proactive resource management for quick adaptation of business processes to changing market conditions and evaluation of the company’s current state of affairs.

Designed for:
Large and medium companies in any industry that needs efficient automation of front-office processes.
Public companies or companies intending to go public.
Value for the customer:
Investment attractiveness is increase by 20%, as a result of ERP implementation.
For 86% of companies, the implementation period of an ERP system, until full commissioning. takes less than one year. In some projects, Infosol was able to launch the solution in only 6 months.

Why companies choose Infosol?
Infosol has many years of experience in the successful implementation of ERP systems globally.
Full range of services, from licensing to business analysis, post-implementation support and development of implemented solutions. Individual approach to customer service – evaluation of customer requirements and system adaptation to the customer’s products and services. Development of industrial solutions, tailored for industry-specific requirements and conditions of the Russian market (from business operations practices to accounting forms).
Pilot project option. Implementation of a pilot project gives the company a detailed insight into how well its processes and infrastructure are currently developed. Main goal of this project is to detect weaknesses that often result in inefficient management and the taking of wrong decisions.