Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) is an integrated system for risk management. Today, assessment of the number and quality of risks and their management is important for companies to increase share prices and competitive ability in the long term. Estimated credit risks on the global market exceed $300 T.

Now many companies don’t have an integrated risk management system, and risks are managed by various departments that face those risks in their operation. Consolidation of these departments into a single center and implementation of an integrated system will allow significantly improved efficiency of preventive risks management and distribution of authority.
Solution benefits:
Enhanced corporate management, and managers can make more reasonable decisions that comply with regulatory requirements.
Risk management solutions cover all risk aspects, including credits, market, operating processes, liquidity and long-term assets, and enable their integrated management providing all required reporting tools.
Integration of risk assessment into strategic and operating processes, more efficient analytic methods and early prevention techniques, improved measurement and monitoring of specific risks (including generation of reports on primary risks), as well as decreased number of negative events compared to average indexes in the industry.
System demonstrates risk dynamics for business processes and business units and reveals risk indicators.
Reduced cost of capital attraction and increase in share price. Efficient risk management system provides companies with the ability to attract investments under more beneficial conditions and positively affects their capitalization.
Designed for:
Financial organizations.
Companies that go public to attract investments.
Value for customer:
Reduced number of risks and mitigation of their consequences by 20-50%.
Reduced costs of capital attraction by up to 30%.
Why companies choose Infosol for implementation?
Extensive preparation for implementation of ERM solutions, including detection, classification and assessment of company risks, setting risk limits and elaboration of risk detection procedure.
Support in setup of efficient system for internal risk control and response.
Integrated approach to project development.
Outstaffing of the department or specialist in CRO (risk manager).