Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Top and division managers of contemporary companies use KPI to estimate the efficiency of their operations, departments or the work employees. This approach is implemented in the majority of large and even medium companies. The problem is that neither the key indicator itself, nor a set of other indicators provide the complete picture of an enterprise’s activities.

How to create an information system with:
Focus on performance
Clear demonstration of the interdependence between actions and their consequences
Support of decision-making
Planning of specific steps for the implementation of a business development strategy?
Infosol offers the implementation of Enterprise Performance Management systems (EPM) from Oracle – a solution for company performance management that allows developing qualitative and appropriate budget planning models, to evaluate the company’s current sate of affairs and to produce a plan for the achievement of set goals.
Features of EPM system
Managers at any level receive consistent information about executed, current and future business operation that can be used for planning business operations with confidence.
All regulatory requirements will be fully met.
Business risks will be reduced, thanks to the full control over the processes, coordinated planning, financial consolidation, reporting, budget management and other features of expense and profit management.
In addition to the collection and storage of large volumes of unstructured information and maintenance of multi-aspect databases, the system also allows real-time analysis of new and archived data that helps managers make business decisions in a timely manner.
Infosol specialists provide a whole range of services for the implementation and maintenance of business performance management systems, based on the solutions from the industry leader – Oracle.
Why companies choose Infosol for implementation?
Focus on support of the enterprise’s business-processes, not on the implementation of a set of functions that provides a solution that is seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure of business processes, and that can be further developed.
Flexible approach to project development that allows creating customized solutions, for each specific industry.
Professional team – employees of adjacent professions collaborate and jointly make decisions at all project stages.
Proven project methodology and experience in the implementation of Oracle Hyperion.
Low cost of own services.
Post-implementation solution support and training of customer personnel.
Integration of business analysis systems (Business Intelligence) that enable the collection of information from other systems of any type (manufacturing, accounting, budget planning, etc.), which is easy to understand and suitable for analysis.