Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System is a comprehensive solution that allows reducing expenses on equipment maintenance and repairs, logistics and procurement while ensuring compliance with the required level of resilience.

Solution benefits:
Increased enterprise production capacity, without the purchase of new equipment.
Optimization of repair expenses, thanks to repair planning and expense management.
Reduction of quantity and cost of inventory, with extension of equipment lifetime.
Full complex and transparent overview of company resources, stocks and assets.
Reduction of the “human factor”.
Designed for:
Companies in capital-intensive industries, with equipment that requires complex and expensive maintenance and other infrastructure.
Value for the customer:
Allows improving the repair and maintenance performance, by up to 29%.
Allows reducing excessive stocks by 21% in average work, and overtime work – by 22%.
Reduction of expenses by 25-30%, cost of emergency works – by 31%, equipment downtime – by 20%.
Shortage of resources occurs 29% less often; waiting times, for materials that are required for work execution, are reduce by 29%; unplanned purchases are reduced by 29%.
Equipment availability rate is increased by 17%; savings due to the optimization of purchase prices are increased by 18%.
Why companies choose Infosol?
EAM solutions from the world’s leading developers.
In-house RFID and GPS/GLONASS solutions for optimization of logistics and organization of mobile team operations.
Full range of implementation and support services.
Integration with other information systems used in the company, including third-party solutions.
Continuous support and enhancement of service quality are ensured by service level management (SLA).