Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM solutions are designed to ensure the efficient collaboration with customers and partners throughout the entire chain of interaction, at the level of any department. One of the main reasons is that the attraction of the new customer will cost the company more money than retaining an existing one. Customer base analysis is also very important, since it allows a company to provide customers with more valuable services.

For automation of business processes, Infosol offers a solution from one of the world’s leading developers of CRM systems – SAP, Oracle. Oracle Siebel CRM is a proven solution that established its reputation by the utilization of industry’s best practices and technologies in sales, marketing and customer service.

SAP and Oracle Siebel CRM are one of the most flexible and scalable CRM solutions. The system maintains a well-defined and efficient methodology, with powerful integration tools, and a number of specialized solutions for various industries that can be easily integrated with a contact center. The solution is designed for all business sizes.

Specialized tools allow the use of customer information and to manipulate this data irrespective of the software suite that they are stored in, considering all relations and requirements for data integrity, and to efficiently and reliably bring together information from all information systems, regardless of their technological platforms.

Solution benefits:

Utilization of innovative sales and customer service channels increase sales and reduce expenses for the support and maintenance of a sales chain. Improved KPI in terms of speed and quality of customer service, including reduced time required to work with customers, reduced waiting time for system response, with full information about the customer.

Implementation of a “single screen” concept: comprehensive and accurate information on all interactions with customers, creation of single customer database in a unified format.

Enhanced quality of customer service: providing customers with accurate real-time information about the company and its products, resulting in improved loyalty of the customers, which helps to retain them and ensures precise segmentation. Detailed tracking of the reasons for leaving is possible in case customers depart.

Control of actions of each employee.

Increased customer acquisition percentages and advertising efficiency, thanks to the reduction of expenses, precise determination of target groups and implementation of new loyalty programs.

Over 19 industrial CRM templates allow for the fast organization of B2C sales, guided by the industry’s best solutions.
Designed for:

Large and medium companies in any industry that require efficient automation of operations with partners and customers. Value for the customer:

Operating asset savings – 3 to 5%.

Product sales cycle is reduced by 25-30%.

Business expenses are reduced by 30-35%.

Receivables are reduced by 10-15%.

Operating and executive expenses are reduced by 15-20%.

Why companies choose Infosol for implementation?

Many years of implementation experience guarantee that each customer will get the maximum return, in minimal time and with optimum resources. Development and implementation of integrated customer relationship management systems that allow for tight and flexible integration with contact centers, including the creation of a contact center and a call center from scratch.

Flexible approach to project development that allows the creation of tailored solutions.

Employees of adjacent professions collaborate at all project stages.

Integrated approach to project development, including post-implementation solution support and training of personnel.