Business Intelligience (BI)

Supporting precise and correct business decisions means have available up-to-date comprehensive information about the company’s current state of affairs and market development trends. The volume of information that is used to develop optimal justified solutions is constantly increasing.
Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are based on the process of multi-aspect information retrieval, using special technologies, methods, and automation tools. They help to make decisions supported by thorough and objective analysis of business areas and provide responsible individuals with reliable reports, both on current conditions and existing and future opportunities. Business analytics can be used for specific type of business or process (retailing, project management, etc.) or for a set of tasks (marketing, inventory management, budget planning, etc.).
Infosol offers enterprise-class BI solutions that are based on systems from the world’s leading developers, supplemented with in-house data collection and screening methodology and extensive experience in management of IT projects in the financial sector. The approach when all services and software tools are provided to the customer by single vendor, allows a reduction in project risks and system TCO. For this reason, SITRONICS offers integrated projects that can include: the creation of single data warehouse, implementation of BI solutions, development of data collection and screening methodology, integration of BI systems with other enterprise information systems.
Solution benefits:
Information panels, analytics and reporting tools with a simple user-friendly interface. Fast and scaled implementation with possibility of solution integration with other enterprise systems.
Real-time data updates.
Fastest ROI.
Division of responsibilities between employees for data registration, increases the level of information security and data reliability.
Quick automated generation of reports for any period, including customized and dynamic reports.
Working with large volumes of unstructured information.
Designed for:
Large and medium companies in any industry. The solution is used to provide executive management with comprehensive and accurate information on the business’s condition in a timely manner.
Value for customer:
Data reliability and accuracy is increased by up to 100%.
Time required to make decisions is reduced by up to 40%.
Efficiency and correctness of the made decisions is improved by up to 30%.
Why companies choose Infosol?
Many years of implementation experience guarantee that customer will get maximum return in minimal time, with optimum resources.
Flexible approach to project development that allows the creation of tailored solutions.
Employees of adjacent professions collaborate at all project stages.
Post-implementation solution support and training of personnel.
Integrated approach to project development.