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Implementation of modern information and management technologies guarantees a successful improvement in competitive ability. The offered solutions are in demand by the companies seeking to enhance monitoring systems and upgrade their manufacturing resources.

  • ERP Implementation

    According to business analysts, there are five main reasons why companies decide to implement ERP systems: necessity to receive consistent information from all departments and to track orders throughout their full life cycle; standardization and acceleration of the manufacturing process; reduction of stocks; and standardization of information about personnel.

  • Consulting Services

    The Infosol - ERP Professional Services team is dedicated to working closely with you in a collaborative effort that guarantees successful implementation and satisfaction of your Infosol - ERP investment

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    Our EAM System is a comprehensive solution that allows reducing expenses on equipment maintenance and repairs, logistics and procurement while ensuring compliance with the required level of resilience.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Our CRM Practice can help you to develop a CRM vision that can meet your company’s strategic goals & objectives and align with your internal & external customers.

  • Business Intelligience (BI)

    Supporting precise and correct business decisions means have available up-to-date comprehensive information about the company’s current state of affairs and market development trends. The volume of information that is used to develop optimal justified solutions is constantly increasing.

  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

    Top and division managers of contemporary companies use KPI to estimate the efficiency of their operations, departments or the work employees.

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems transform the entire company document workflow into electronic form, which allows for a significant reduction of expenses and time required for the creation and signing of documents..

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

    ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) is an integrated system for risk management. Today, assessment of the number and quality of risks and their management is important for companies to increase share prices and competitive ability in the long term. Estimated credit risks on the global market exceed $300 T.

  • Integration Solution

    For the automation of various business lines, companies often use software and hardware from multiple vendors (so-called “systems zoo”). In this case they face issues related to operation of heterogeneous applications, hardware and databases.

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